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Greenhouse Earth

March 28, 2009

Ideal “Greenhouse Earth” Businesses
Receiving extra direct deposits into your bank account is
wonderful. You can “wake up with a smile,” as Sir Richard Branson, creator
of the Virgin brand, says he does. Sir Richard has created, among his many
accomplishments, the suborbital passenger spaceship Virgin Galactica and
the Virgin Earth Challenge, which offers a $25 million prize to the creative
genius who helps our “Earth greenhouse” by designing a device to remove
carbon from the atmosphere. Perhaps that person will invent a “scrubber”
device that properly scavenges and scrubs the waste anesthetic gases from
anesthesia machines around the world currently vented outside every
operating room to the roof of hospitals and surgery centers. Waste anesthesia
vapors are halogenated hydrocarbon gases that deplete the ozone.
That would give everybody, including former vice president, venture
capitalist, presenter in the documentary film An Inconvenient Truth, and
Nobel Peace Prize winner Al Gore, some much-needed help in the campaign
to save the earth. The work of the Alliance for Climate Protection and Al
Gore’s visionary crusade for a global climate protection treaty was presented
in Bali in 2008, and is intended to be brought into effect by 2010. Virtual
networking “telepresence” videoconferencing will play a big role in reducing
the greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming by decreasing the
need for business travel. The sweet smell of that success will be a cleaner
environment to live in and fresher air to breathe. For more information, visit

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