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I am a medical doctor, author, board certified anesthesiologist, clinically certified aromatherapist, professional speaker and the oilMD. The oilMD promotes wellness through nature on the web and in the hospital because there are many integrative medical and natural solutions to health care issues. That is one reason why I have introduced my product, GingerMD and the clinical uses of aromatherapy and essential oil therapy into hospitals, surgery centers, as well as operating and recovery rooms. For example, the essential oil of ginger prevents and treats post-operation nausea (PONV) and increases patient satisfaction. Ginger works for all forms of nausea.

The oilMD offers outstanding aromatherapeutic essential oils that you can trust to be safe and effective. These all natural oilMD 10% essential oil blends are scientifically designed for women’s and athlete’s health to enhance whole body wellness.  The website, my book, the Sweet Smell of Success and the oilMD Wellness Network of online videos and teaching content are presented as an educational service for the Wellness Revolution.

The oilMD

James “Tad” Geiger, M.D.

Author of The Sweet Smell of Success: Health and Wealth Secrets

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