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July 12, 2017


The Safe and Effective Applications of Essential Oils in Alzheimer’s Dementia

June 15, 2017

Supplements for seniors.

GRAS Essential oils, Alzheimer’s Dementia and Anesthesia. These all have enzymatic implications impacting memory as acetylcholine esterase inhibitors. 55 landmark aromatic science references are utilized to document safety, metabolomics and synergy.


Please be aware that this article is very support of ingestion of essential oils in general and in this current clinical example defined and regarding ingestion of GRAS lavender essential oil for anxiety and depression.

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Integrative Allopathic and Complementary Healthcare: Synergy with Essential Oils

May 29, 2017

Integrative Allopathic and Complementary Healthcare: Synergy with Essential Oils

The interactions of two or more chemical constituents from numerous essential oils have been shown to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of effects generated by a single constituent. The effects produced are substantially greater when the complete plant essential oil, distilled from a specific plant part is tested over and above that of the individual plant’s chemical constituents e.g. oxygenated monoterpenes. The synergist effects and benefits of the chemical constituents from plants and whole essential oils from some known part of a plant has been described in animal and human studies some of which are randomized, placebo controlled trials (RCT) 16.

Numerous clinical scenarios have identified natural materials and integrated protocols using phyto-pharmaceuticals into the medical management of pain, nausea and the challenging diseases associated with specialties, such as infectious diseases, surgery and anesthesia 17. Synergism has been identified between various natural plant products, essential oils and antibiotics to combat bacterial, fungal and mycobacterial diseases 18. Multiple modes of actions of specific chemical constituents, such as carvacrol, eugenol, thymol, cinnamaldehyde and cinnamic acid against multiple targets have been described showing that these phytochemicals enhance the activity of antibiotics 19. These findings are becoming more evident and useful clinically in the management of drug resistant, multi-drug resistant organisms and “super-bug” diseases 20.

Synergy of anti-microbial effects between constituents of essential oils or whole essential oils and antibiotics mixed with essential oils and nano-particles has been demonstrated 21. Synergistic effects exist between linalool and alpha- terpinol when combined with ampicillin and kanamycin 22. Essential oils of anise, ginger, chamomille, hyssop, thyme and sandalwood have anti-viral properties exhibiting a clear virucidal activity against Herpes simplex type 2, interacting at the viral envelope 23.

Synergy exists between surgery and anesthesia since both specialties present numerous challenges including pain, nausea and cognitive dysfunction especially in AD that have been addressed with protocol-based applications of phyto-supplementation with essential oils 24 25 26. Post-operative nausea and vomiting (PONV) is managed with a multi-modal drug therapy approach 27. Drugs of various categories, even those with black box warnings, including antihistamines, anti-emetics, tranquilizers and the hypnotic propofol have been utilized as an anesthesia technique to prevent PONV due to the synergism between medications and the positive effects exerted on multiple receptors 28.

Ondansetron works via the vagus nerve and serotonergic pathway. Integrating prophylactic intravenous multimodal therapy with the essential oil of ginger, Zingiber officinale, in the acute care and ambulatory setting to prevent the general anesthesia complication of PONV significantly increases successful outcomes 29. The question of patient satisfaction after surgery is influenced by PONV outcomes. Essential oils used in an anesthesia RCT study to prevent nausea after surgery utilized either ginger alone or a blend of ginger spearmint, peppermint and cardamom placed on a 2-inch by 2-inch gauze. Patients were instructed to inhale nasally for five minutes. This methodology was shown to be effective treatment of postoperative nausea (PON) in the PACU 30.

Lifestyle factors that include exercise and proper diet have a positive effect of delaying late life AD genotype expression 31. Neural memory and disordered awareness of memory loss (i.e., anosognosia) occurs along both serotonergic and cholinesterase chemical pathways. There are certain stages of functional memory loss that have shown improved management by the antagonism of glutaminergic neurotransmission at N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) receptors with memantine 31.

There is general agreement that medical regimens for AD with anticholinergic agents should be minimized in those with AD, especially before prescribing cholinergic medications 32. There are strong evidence based studies recommending treatments for AD presented in this review of RCTs; memantine for moderate to severe AD in combination with ACHEI, ACHEI are not effective in FTD and may cause agitation, selective serotonin receptor inhibitor (SSRI) medications may help behavioral but not cognitive issues, no drugs are clearly effective in VD, though ACHEI may be effective in mixed dementias 32. Statins, anti-inflammatory agents and supplementations with vitamin E were not recommended as effective anti-dementia agents in this consensus statement from the British Association for Psychpharmacology 32 .

James Geiger MD

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The Safe and Effective Applications of Essential Oils in Alzheimer’s Dementia

March 25, 2017

The Safe and Effective Applications of Essential Oils in Alzheimer’s Dementia.

James L. Geiger MD            Abstract

The diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer’s dementia (AD) has gained much attention due to the current and predicted prevalence of the disease. The bio-markers of neural inflammation, oxidative stress, genetics and the multiple medical etiologies of AD coupled with the poly-pharmacy of co-morbid conditions and diseases associated with AD are complex. The medical diagnosis and treatments of AD need more reliability and integrative health regimens, such as supplementation with generally regarded as safe (GRAS) essential oils that could be implemented clinically to lessen the global economic impact to societies, and disruptions to families.

Treatment has focused on the management of AD based on the cholinergic theory attempting to prevent cognitive decline while preserving short-term memory with prescription medications. Certain essential oils exhibiting acetylcholinesterase inhibition (ACHEI) activity derived from natural phyto-preparations might also be utilized in the setting of the decreasing memory of AD. Prescription psychotropic medications might be therapeutically interchanged to certain essential oils to manage behavioral and psychiatric issues associated with AD. Advancing age and anesthesia increase the risk of post-operative cognitive decline (POCD) associated with common procedures and surgeries that AD patients commonly undergo. Globally, plant material preparations such as extracts and essential oils are analyzed for anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious and anti-anxiety, anti-depressive, analgesic and ACHEI activity.

The potential for use of GRAS essential oils as supplements in the prevention and treatment of the cognitive decline and behavioral disruptions of aging should be studied to determine the safe and effective methods of inhalational, topical and ingestion aromatherapy techniques. The landmark literature reviewed here explores the mechanisms and synergy of the aromatic sciences that can provide the basis for designing and implementing protocols for the integration of GRAS essential oils into the wide variety of clinical situations encountered in the aging population, with and without AD.

Keywords Alzheimer’s Dementia Memory Anxiety Aromatherapy Acetylcholinesterase Anesthesia Essential oils Lavender Ginger

Copyright James L. Geiger MD All rights reserved 2017

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