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Encourage intimacy and stimulate sexual desire

February 8, 2009

Encourage romantic encounters and stimulate sexual desire

New endorphin and aphrodisiac products claim to encourage intimacy and stimulate sexual desire. These products are manufactured with delivery systems that use the sense of smell to increase the effectiveness the body’s natural endorphin and aphrodisiacs hormones. The vomeronasal organ (VNO) is the smell receptor organ of the five senses that is involved in chemical communication between human beings. Synthetic chemical triggers that mimic human pheromones, such as perfume from spray bottles, can be spritzed onto the body for other people to pick up the scent. Essential oils can be applied directly to skin and absorbed. Male and female essential oil-impregnated nontransdermal skin patches worn on the arm can be sniffed to stimulate low libido. Pheromone-like scents stimulate the erotic centers in the brain. When the VNO detects pheromones and certain phytomolecules in essential oils, it sends a message, perhaps sexual, to the brain.

Romantic Encounters by the oilMD

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