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Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy Conference

January 25, 2009

Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy 7th scientific wholistic

Cancer, Degenerative and Autoimmune Diseases

San Francisco, February 20, 21 and 22, 2009

A convincing body of scientific research confirms the singular ability of essential oils to reduce the risk of developing tumors. Studies on the antitumor effects of essential oil components have been funded by the NIH and have resulted in a key patent held by the United States.

The fact that essential oil efficacy against tumors is not better known is a consequence of the way health care and pharmaceutical dollars are allocated. Since well known and traditional natural medicines cannot be patented, returns on investment are difficult to monopolize. Funds for research predominantly go to synthetic substances which can be owned exclusively by their manufacturer.

The most pertinent American research of the day proving the anticancer effects of essential oils was presented at the 2000 conference Essential Oils and Cancer (Available in the proceedings of the 4th wholistic aromatherapy conference). The 2009 Conference builds on this basis and presents the most fascinating development of aromatherapy to date: New scientific understanding resulting in healing concepts that do not require the expensive, impersonal and frightening intervention of high-tech medicine. Instead, simple uses of essential oils deliver a maximum of protection against the most dreaded diseases of our time.

Plenary lectures, featuring world-renowned scientists and physicians, are complimented by panel presentations where members of the aromatherapy community share their practical essential oil applications.

Aromatherapy in the 21st Century

Dr. James Geiger, MD is a practicing anesthesiologist and author of The Sweet Smell of Success. He will present a review of the latest research covering hitherto unfamiliar areas of essential oil efficacy:

Efficacy of Essential Oils against the Chagas pathogen.

Inhibition of the inflammatory protein NF-KB by sesqui terpenes.

Treatment of diabetic gangrene with essential oils.

Black Pepper essential oil for stroke patients.

Inhibition of inflammation by essential oils of Ginger, Helichrysum and Frankincense blocking LOX (Lipo oxygenase) and COX (Cyclo oxygenase).

Preventing osteo arthritis.

Essential oils and appetite suppression.

And much more……………………………..   See ya on fisherman’s wharf.

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