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Life Saving Moments with Essential oils

November 13, 2010

Essentials Oils: Aromatherapy Goes to the Movies

Did you know that mobile phone users in Japan will soon be among the first to send aromatherapy-scented email attachments to each other?

Did you know they will also be able to watch music and video clips that will be enhanced by smell on their phones?

Believe it or not, the science of aromatherapy and essential oils is already finding its way into the movies.

Essential Oils in the Movies and in Real Life

While North Americans are now caught up in the 3D TV craze, Japanese movie-goers are experiencing something more scientific than any science fiction. Yes, movie theaters in Japan have diffused specialized scents precisely timed with the action and music for any given scene in a movie.

Computer buffs are also sniffing out the future. I can bet you didn’t know that computers outfitted with peripheral applications such as Universal Serial Bus ports, can utilize scent-releasing devices that trigger release of scents, while you browse certain websites. Interactive Smell-O–Vision Internet television.

North Americans can only smell expensive buttered popcorn in the movie theaters just yet, unfortunately. For now we’ll have to content ourselves with sending people just one of 200 fragrance recipes to an aromatherapy-generating device via infrared or to a home gateway unit by mobile phone or wireless connection.

Essential Oils: Lifesaving Moments

Never underestimate the power of a good scent.

Essential oils can keep you from getting sick after surgery. They can also make you feel good and healthy each and every day.

They can even save lives:

Nowadays, robotic detectors can analyze the air for dangerous scents in public settings such as airports, and they can sound an alarm for potential threats.

Need more proof of scent power?

Consider the smell of gasoline, which is actually a manufactured scent. Gasoline itself is odorless; we’ve given it a scent so we know when it’s present in the air we breathe.

What does all this have to do with essential oils? Nothing except the fact that we humans tend to truly underestimate the importance of our noses and our sense of smell.

The Wellness Revolution: The Door to Real Science is Open

The future uses and capabilities of aromatherapy are all well and good but what if you are more interested in the use of aromatherapy for remedies?

Well, I feel for you. If I piled every book on aromatherapy and essential oils I’ve read in the last couple of years, they’d probably go past your nose.

The Wellness Revolution is becoming more and more inundated with alternative and complementary medical therapies, including aromatherapy.

Where is it leading? Where does it end?

There are so many web-blogs and press releases for new products out there, it would take you a lifetime to comb through them all.

Lucky thing for you, the oilMD – that’s me – has found the hottest tips and coolest sites just for you.

These are just a few of the futuristic innovations for aromatherapy products which have awesome potential:

The next oilMD newsletters will feature……….

Futuristic aromatherapy, green cleaning with essential oils and essential oils and appetite and dementia. To name a few………

Stay tuned and Feel free to ask the oilMD

James “Tad” Geiger MD The oilMD

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  1. lori permalink
    November 13, 2010 2:50 pm

    Wow ! Aromatherapy at the movies! I hope they only release the nice-smelling scents! I was originally drawn to aromatherapy because I love nice smells and conversely, can’t stand the not-nice ones! Thanks for sharing this information! I will be watching (and smelling!)


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