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Did you remember to thank your doctor?

March 31, 2010

Doctor’s Day March 30th and Ether Day

In the book Ether Day, Julie M. Fester narrates the strange tale of America’s
greatest medical discovery and the men who made it. It is the greatest
discovery because William Morton’s patent for anesthesia ushered in the
commercialization of modern medicine. Celebrated around the world on
October 16, “Ether Day” at Massachusetts General Hospital first occurred
in 1846. Volatilized anesthetic gas, like ether vapors, smell fruity, pungent
and are potentially explosive. Fortunately, the days of ether explosions in the
operating room are past. Nitrous oxide gas was discovered in 1772 by Joseph
Priestley and is a safer gas. However, the abuse of nitrous oxide by inhalant
huffing causes neurological damage to the nervous system.

History is always in the making.  Make history today by thanking your doctor.

James Geiger MD

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