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Smell technology enhances the taste of your drink

June 10, 2009

Smell technology enhances the taste of your drink

What if you could put a scent in your bottle cap which tricked your brain into thinking you are tasting a specific flavor? ScentSational is a company that has arranged to do just that. This ScentSational product is the first of it’s kind……AromaWater embeds a particular scent in the bottle cap. Pop open the cap, bring it to your lips and as you do, there is a fruit scent released that once smelled  provokes a fruit taste. Sense of smell and the technology that it  is advancing with it begins with your water bottle and moves progressively up and down the food chain. Any product with a cap is fair game, even baby food. No need for FDA approval since flavored smell providers already have the O.K. of the FDA.

Check out the June 8th Fortune Magazine article for more details.

Dr Geiger

the oilMD

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