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Take yourself for a walk and hum

June 5, 2009

Just had to post before I go for my daily walk. Normally I walk many steps while I am working but in order to capture more steps I must take myself for a walk and hum. Cause it is too weird to hum at the hospital.

Ideal Exercise
Exercise is essential to women’s health and men’s as well. Studies in women have shown that exercise at different “doses” of physical activity yields different responses in cardiorespiratory fitness among sedentary, overweight, and postmenopausal women with elevated blood pressure. Women who exercised to varying degrees experienced the positive changes of increased muscle mass and decreased fat, proportionally determined by how much they worked out.

That is the ideal change in body composition induced by exercise. Increased muscle mass and decreased body fat resulting from a proper fitness program are preferred to poor dieting without an exercise program, which leads to decreased muscle mass and continued excess fat. Exercise not only builds muscle and burns fat; it also resets the body’s resting metabolic rate to a higher set point, so you burn more calories when resting.
Walking is an ideal exercise, because it is low impact and still somewhat strenuous. Walking ten thousand pedometer-measured steps daily has been shown to create positive metabolic balance (i.e., weight loss). Normally, we walk about six thousand steps per day and need thirty minutes more of treadmill time to gain the remaining four thousand steps. Walking fewer than five thousand steps per day is considered a sedentary lifestyle, which results in a negative metabolic balance, or weight gain. Train your body to adapt to more and more exercise in order to build endurance and strengthen the heart, developing a more muscular build. Use pure essential oils with scientifically based properties, like Sports Performance Enhancer.
The body responds to cycles of light and dark with hormonal variations that exert circadian influences on the body’s reaction to the stresses of exercise. Choosing the best type of exercise depends on age, sex, and time of day. Women and men need daily walking and workouts with weights several times per week. The simple act of breathing causes physiological stress, because the air causes cellular oxidization, generating free radicals, which are the chemicals that age us.

Breathing can also be used to treat stress. Humming produces nitric oxide in the sinuses. Nitric oxide is a potent dilator of blood vessels. Wind sprints are an excellent cardiovascular exercise. Regular daily wind sprints in any sport, fast walking, and stair climbing are great exercises. Oxidative stress occurs when we exercise, increasing with rising altitude, but the overall benefits of exercise far outweigh that stress.

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From James Geiger

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