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National Malaria Awareness Day

April 25, 2009

Today is  National Malaria Awareness Day

Many organization are doing substantial works in many nations which are preventing and treating the infernal ravages of malaria. I have several suggestions which could be undertaken quite readily since the profound endeavors of many organizations are already embedded and at work.

In my humble opinion, netting is good but adding essential oils which farmers produce as cash crops to the whole scheme of management would increase effectiveness the whole malaria eradication project.

The EPA and CDC have issued  specific edicts regarding Lemon Eucalyptus essential oil (p-menthane 3,8-diol (PMD), Picaridin and Permethrin as a DEET equivalent. Many plants produce essential oils e.g. thyme, geranium,  have been shown to be very effective, to work against mosquito liting and biting. In the USA, West Nile Virus in the dreaded disease caused by the mosquito. The Department of Public Health of the City of Chicago has posted very specific  management details for Personal Protection from Mosquito Bites  by application of skin care products and clothing for children and adults.

Worthy Charities
Large contributions made by the great philanthropists,
celebrities, and inventors of our times create valuable assets to be utilized in
this new revolution of wellness. These generous men and women practice
highly intelligent giving and networking, using technology and vision to better
humankind. The billions of dollars donated to The Bill and Melinda Gates
Foundation by the iconic investor, Warren Buffett, are making an extremely
significant and positive impact on world health. The Gates Foundation is a
transparent $100 billion charity; it has provided vaccines all over the world
and funded malaria prevention programs in Africa.

Excerpt from the book

The Sweet Smell of Success

James Tad Geiger MD

the essential oilMD

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