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Do you know the sweet smell of success? National Sense of Smell Day

April 25, 2009

Today, Sunday April 25, 2010,  is the 17th annual National Sense of Smell Day.

A day to celebrate and be thankful for your nose and the ability to smell and identify over 10,000 odors.

Controversy between the fragrance industry and natural perfume makers exists  because powerful lobbyists would have regulators legislate what smells we can smell. Oil of lemon has a complex chemistry and the fine art of crafting natural perfumes with it is in jeopardy. Increase your awareness by reading The Crop Watch newsletter.

Tony Burfield will keep you informed of some truly amazing  developments of a largely unknown industry.

National Sense of Smell Day

A Nobel Prize was given for documentation of the human genotype
for sense of smell. There are more genes dedicated to smell than any other
of our five senses. Companies and specialists that study the sense of smell
have attested to its importance by establishing the National Sense of Smell
Day, celebrated on the last Saturday in April.

This nationwide museum-based program is sponsored by the Fragrance Foundation Research and Education,
a division of the Sense of Smell Institute. For fourteen years the National
Sense of Smell Day has entertained and educated children with fun olfactory
activities. A recognized authority on smell, Dr. Jay Gottfried has proposed
that combining fragrances with sensory stimulus and emotion increases the
effectiveness of scents.

Products with fragrances from essential oils, used for appetite modification,
can be embedded with education guided toward imaginative sensory stimulus
to increase efficacy. Peppermint and grapefruit oils are known to help the
brain and stomach communicate the message that you’ve had enough to eat.
In other words, you feel full sooner. The inhalation of vapors and transdermal
absorption of the oils prior to meals could help decrease appetite, so you feel
full sooner and eat less. Combining these oils with guided imagery can help
convince you to eat less, taking in fewer calories and perhaps even eating
better foods.

Excerpt for The Sweet Smell of Success

Dr James Tad Geiger MD

the essential oilMD says  Be well and Smell Well

The oilMD asks How well do you smell?

The oilMD asks How well do you smell?

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