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The Best Communicator Wins: Les Brown and his skills of renown

April 5, 2009

The Best Communicator Wins: Les Brown, his speaking skills are renown.

Les Brown has received every know accolade and award that a speaker could possibly be recognized for. Yesterday I spent the day with him in session with 50 people. He mentored the group on public speaking with such great heart and skill as I have never witnessed. We had gathered as part of a fund raiser for public television which he supports wholeheartedly as he does his mission to give back to troubled youth.  He tells fabulous stories which motivate and inspire.

Storytelling is a marvelous skill to develop. You can build relationships by telling your story with sincere, heartfelt passion and eye contact. Applying the techniques of “permission marketing” will grow your business. Using this technique, you ask for permission to tell your story. People love to hear a good story and will permit a complete business presentation to follow one. Practice to do both well, because it is never certain which parts of your story or presentation will convince a prospect to enroll. People will appreciate that extra effort to be complete. Gerry Robert, speaker and author of Millionaire Mindset and A Tale of Two Websites, tells his success story, vividly revealing how personal tribulation led to tremendous personal growth and net worth through the development of successful business strategies and relationships. There are many good books and tools of the success industry. Closers Get Paid, by Mark Wilson, is one example of a resource that teaches techniques for closing any deal. There are audio tools that you can use, turning your car into a mobile success university as you transform hundreds of commuting hours into an inspirational education. Invest in yourself by taking a private morning hour to get oriented, educated, and fired up for a day of prospecting for clients.

Persistence is the sustained effort necessary to induce faith. —Napoleon Hill

Dr Geiger is available for presentations.

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