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Anesthesiologist Monitors with Vigilance and uses Vigilance WordPress theme

March 22, 2009

Anesthesiologist Monitors with Vigilance and uses Vigilance WordPress theme

Monitor with Vigilance
The motto of anesthesia practice is vigilance. Anesthesiologists
and critical care doctors use the “rule of trends” in acute care medicine settings
to assess and measure response to treatment. Illness can be measured suddenly
in seconds or over decades, as in persistently poor diet leading to malnutrition
and obesity. The trend is not your friend when it comes to obesity in the
United States. In the last thirty years, in every state, the percentage of the
population defined as overweight to morbidly obese has increased. That time
span correlates directly with the massive rise and commercialization of the
fast food industry.
Every few minutes during an operation, the vital signs of heart rate and
rhythm, blood pressure, respiration, temperature, oxygenation, ventilations
parameters, and more are noted and charted. When making adjustments to
anesthetic doses, we retake the vitals to obtain a measure of the effect of the
drugs given. There are sometimes up to a dozen or more drugs given over
the course of an entire surgery. We are still awaiting the arrival of the “ideal”
monitor for depth of anesthesia. Monitoring of vital signs is crucial.

“The best person to monitor your health is you,” says Michael F. Roizen,
MD, the newly designated chief wellness officer of the Cleveland Clinic and
author of Real Age: Are You as Young as You Can Be? He advises finding a
doctor who is trustworthy and likable. The material presented in his book is
insightful and worth mastering. Actually working toward developing increased
personal wellness and well-being is extremely beneficial. When adjusting your
own physiology in terms of weight loss, it is important to monitor yourself
closely, perhaps even working closely with your doctor, especially if you are
taking prescription medications.

Hopefully, you will need to use less medication as you eat and exercise
properly and lose weight. Drinking berry fruit juices and using essential oils
as part of your diet plan will alter and perhaps reset your bodily systems. You
may need to have your vital signs and laboratory values monitored frequently
by your health care provider. Insulin-dependent diabetics should monitor
their blood sugar level at regular intervals throughout the day. Take proper
care of yourself and get the appropriate support you may need.

James “Tad” Geiger MD

the oilMD

excerpt from the chapter entitled Ideal Anesthesia in

The Sweet Smell of Success

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